While I enjoyed playing golf with my dad when I was younger, my real passion for golf started later in life.  I was in the midst of a 21-year military career - between active duty and the Air National Guard.  I was working as a jet engine mechanic in Suffolk England when a coworker convinced me to start playing during lunch.  I spent two years in England and with each day, my love of the game grew.  It will come as no surprise that the real turning point for me was taking a drive up to St. Andrews to play The Old Course.


After my military career, I went back to school to get a degree in design engineering.  To make ends meet, I began a part time job as a demo day representative and club fitter for major club manufacturers.  This allowed me to follow my passion for golf.  But more importantly, I began to better understand player’s needs and preferences – and how innovative design changes in putters and clubs can make an enormous difference in a player’s stroke and confidence.  


After receiving my design engineering degree, I entered a new stage of my career as an engineer for metal additive manufacturing, better known as 3D printing.  I have designed parts for aerospace, automotive and other industrial applications.  More importantly, I began designing, printing and fitting my own 3D printed putter heads.  


The first few putters were for me.  I strive to build a putter that had good weight distribution, maximizing its MOI to help my game.  What I found, however, that besides the great balanced stroke, the metal used (bronze and stainless-steel mix) provided an unbelievably great feel.  My confidence and game improved.


I shared my putters with a few acquaintances who are PGA teaching professionals for their feedback.  They tried the putters and soon demanded their own.  And being that these are 3D printed, the requested their own personalized designs as well… and the rest they say is history.


If you want to improve your putting game, give my putters a try.  I think you will find EV3D Golf putters are made with highest craftsmanship and will perform, look and feel unlike anything else out there.


Rob Hanet

Founder, Evolution 3D Golf