With traditional club manufacturing processes, there are always design limitations and upfront expenses are high. 3D printing manufacturing processes completely remove these obstacles, allowing us to use the same machine and materials for creating an endless variety of putters.

Better Performance

Weight distribution is the most important design element of a putter. Our process allows us to distribute weight to optimize our putters for MOI and feel, meaning our putters don’t only look great but also perform extremely well. 


Better Feel

We use a 420 stainless steel mixed with bronze, which provides enhanced feel and feedback with greater durability.


Better Design

Traditional manufacturing is based on taking material away from a block, there’s only so much you can do design-wise. With 3D printing, on the other hand, the material is applied in layers, meaning you can create hollow structures and latticework that isn’t possible with traditional manufacturing.


Better Putters

What does all of this mean? That the restrictions that used to keep a putter from being optimally designed are no more, meaning our putters are better – and just plain cooler – than anything that has come before.

See how the 3D binder jet printing works: