A CAD rendering of the final design will be sent for confirmation and approval before the putter head is built.


The Zeus X provides 30 gms more weight than the Zeus. This is a modified mallet putter that has weighted wings and lattice to provide higher stability through the stroke. All golfers can benefit from this style of putter; however, this may be best for beginner to intermediate golfers who will benefit from higher MOI putter to ensure forgiveness on off-center hits. Zeus X can be customized with text on the back-side of the putter face.



Model:  Zeus X

Finish:  Pewter (with Cerakote coating)

Grip:  Golf Pride Tour Classic Midsize - Black

Hosel:  Standard is single-bend

Loft:  Standard is 3.5*

Lie:  Standard is 70*

Head Weight: 380gms

Material: 420 Stainless Steel with Bronze

Zeus X (Pewter)

R/L Handed
Shaft Color
Alignment Paint Fill
  • EV3D putters are set to a standard loft of 3.5* and lie of 70*.  If you require special requirements, please let us know in the Notes section and we will do our best to meet your request.

  • We can modify the sight alignment markings based on your preferences.  Let us know in the Notes section if you prefer something different than standard and we'll do our best to meet your request.